Saturday, December 5, 2020

It's All About The Sun: Nature Journaling #14

I dispute the idea that Earth revolves around human beings.

None of us- none of THIS (waving arms around wildly)- would exist without that fireball star in our sky. Our world revolves around the sun. That’s why I decided to devote a page of my nature journal to it.

I missed another week of journaling last week. In my defense, I did draw and create. I had a great time creating a holiday card for some folks in the one BTS fan group I belong to. The process helped me think about others around the world and how we’re linked. Another great example of that idea I fall back on: we’re stronger together.

My journaling page covers some facts about sunlight and why it’s THE link to everything living today. My Nature Dork group went for a great hike yesterday and we appreciated some amazing trees that have spent decades building chlorophyll, sugars, and starches. In winter’s reduced light and temperatures, most of them are basically sleeping right now. But, come June when we’ll have about 6 more hours of daylight every day, they will be churning out the products of photosynthesis with gusto.

I love the reality that in places north and south of the equator, our daylight varies over the year. We get our 4 seasons because this planet not only revolves around the sun, we tilt away and toward it. Those details have allowed for a range of habitats and inhabitants to evolve around the globe.

Tiny details add up.

Tiny things allow big things to happen.

Our walk showed us tiny fungi and insects alive and working. Without insects, we would have few fruits to eat. Insects are great food sources for things like birds and mammals. Without those fungi, trees would never break back down into soil components for new plants and trees to use. And we can’t forget the billions of microscopic lives we can’t see with our eyes. Without them and their operations, who knows what else would perish? 

Fun fact: in a teaspoon of healthy soil, there are more microbes than people on Earth. You can read more hereWe are learning more and more about these hidden worlds and it’s awe-inspiring. 

Humans are capable of a broad range of things. We can build and we can destroy. But are we the apex? To me, that would mean we would stand above and alone.

I find myself saying that's just not the case when we look at the facts. I might be wrong and will have some serious explaining and apologizing to do in the afterlife according to some. I prefer to think we’ve evolved just enough to always be learning what’s here, appreciating it, and nurturing it. We’re kids in a classroom filled with potential and wonder to both discover and share with one another and everything else that's here.

All awaiting spring

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